Author: Achenbach, P.
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High Accuracy Measurement of the Absolute Energy by Synchrotron Radiation Interferometry with Relativistic Electrons  
  • P. Klag, P. Achenbach
    KPH, Mainz, Germany
  Funding: Supported by DFG (PO 256/7-1) Supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, No 824093
The Mainz Microtron is an electron accelerator, which delivers electron energies up to 1.6 GeV, with a small spread of the energy <13keV. Besides a small energy spread, the high quality of the beam allows producing high coherent synchrotron radiation. The light from two spatially separated and movable light sources (undulators) can be superimposed to render an interference pattern. The ideal applications are high accuracy absolute energy measurements of the relativistic electrons. Experiments have been carried out at 180 MeV and 195 MeV. The radiation lies in the optical range where also Fresnel Diffraction patterns occur, which features allow very precise alignment control.
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